A few days back I was watching Yahan ( its a movie based on Kashmir's current state). I am not writing about the movie here but what I thought while I was watching this movie.
Kashmir is in bad state, here I am thinking of starting a new life where I will start working and there people are not sure whether they will see the next day or not. Here I am free can do whatever I want and there people are living under a constant fear.

I thought while going through:
1. Movie: Yahaan

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Anonymous said...

That is so true Tarun and this is not only the state of Kashmir but so many other places in the eastern India and so many other countries as well. Think about what the children must be going through there... they are living under constant fear and seeing all this ugliness so early in their lives... will these children be ever able to live a normal life? think about their psyche?

Why can't there be peace all over???

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