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Is it always wise to follow the proven track? Not always, yes in most cases you would like to be safe and mitigate risks so you take up something which is already proven. But sometimes we need to get off the proven path and follow what we feel is right. People innovate and come up with new ideas some just get inspired by somebody else's idea and try to improve upon that. The important thing is that they move away from the crowd and try to find a way of their own. It's not an easy path to take, not everyone can do this.
I was recently reading about Google and how it came up be one of the most successful ".com". Google's founder never started with an intention to build the company, they wanted to build a search engine which can produce correct search results every time. When they started with this idea search was not considered important by any company. Still they went ahead and kept improving their search engine. They did not have enough money to keep it going but they believed in themselves and they kept working on it. They faced tough times still they never succumbed to put advertisements on their pages. They could have made easy money by doing that but they refused. They were not sure how they will make money out of this site, and they were never bothered about that, they were more happy to chase their dream. Finally they got this idea of text based relevant ads and their fortune changed in a short span of time. With that a whole new way of doing advertisements of internet came up. If they would have taken a proven track we would not have seen the Google as it today, simple to the core. Their simplicity is contagious, they have inspired a lot of web developers to think simple and look the web scenario how it has changed in last few years.
Google duo thought they could do something better than any other and they followed their belief, without worrying about what the gurus of industry suggested at that time. It reminds me of lines from Jim Collins Good to Great:
Get involved in something that you care so much about that you want to make it the greatest it can possibly be, not because of what you will get, but just because it can be done.

I thought while going through:
1. Book: The Google Story by David A Vise
2. Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins
3. My friend Ranjan's Practical Approach

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Ranjan said...

Rightly said...
Similiar is story of Walmart,
I am reading Sam Walton's biography, i will put a review soon and the way he made the biggest company on this world is simply amazing.
Well the context in which I wrote that post was diff. as you might know... but nice to know that it made sense.

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