Jump for Joy

Today I showed the website I have been working on for a last few days to my manager. His reaction made my day. I will come to that later; let me relive a few more moments before that. When I was given the project my manager listed down all the requirements and what all was expected of me. Then he left for holidays. The very next day I saw another site which was very similar to what we were looking for; I studied it for next few days. I mailed its link to my manager as well. There were few areas where my site was going to be far better than it but its look & feel was really good. I decided to base my site's look on that site. I slogged hard for next few weeks. Today when my manager came he had already seen the other site.

He came to my seat (I was looking at our site) and said, "I like this site I think our site should also look something like it". I just looked at him and kept looking at him, he was still speaking something... then he paused and his mouth was wide open, he looked at me and said, "Oh my God it's our site.... awesome, amazing... yesss". Then I showed him rest of the site and his smile kept broadening. He congratulated me on the feat and he left... I was in awe of the moment, I actually jumped, it was a jump of joy... jump of content... jump of hard work paying off...
It feels great to work for somebody's vision and make it see the daylight. It feels even better to see the joy on someone’s face after you have achieved what that person was looking for.

I thought while going through :
1. the elation of having done something cool.

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Anonymous said...

Well done.Congratulations!I am sure you will reach great heights.

Ranjan said...

Good Work buddy.. Its expected out of you ... atleast from me.
Keep it up :)

Deepak said...

haan.. aur upar koodega toh u'll reach greater heights ... LOL
Thoda late hai.. But Congrats anyways dude..

falcon said...

Very late.... but congrats...

Can you make ur blog a little more colourful... I hate black and white...;-)

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