I see a lot of people around who are disillusioned by money.

Some just want to keep increasing their salaries; others are going crazy over an onsite opportunity. Nobody is actually working on anything. I ask a few of such guys what have they done in last one year the answer was nothing. I was always taught that what you learn today becomes obsolete tomorrow and these guys have not done anything for a year that means in IT industry they are antiques.

People spend most of their day beating the life out of keyboard and staring the monitor. When do they think, if they do? Do they actually challenge their thinking at any time in the day?
People are happy to get perks from their jobs. They should get money for internet at home, a laptop and a paid holiday. But what do they do? Do they actually learn anything? Are they enhancing their knowledge? Isn't that the most important thing?

I see a lot of disillusionment... I want to come back to this write after 5 years again and want to see whether I have become one of them or succeeded in doing what I really should do.

I thought while going through :
1. a discussion with such people over a cup of coffee.

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falcon said...

Difficult to accept... But Ideas differ.. for them may be minting money is the only sole reason for survival.... Boy this is a rat race and philosphers are considered fool by many!!!!

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