Trip to Delhi, After Day 1

The trip to Delhi was good and Nostalgic as I was going back home after a year. The train journey was good and comfortable. After traveling in Rajdhani I believe every train should be like Rajdhani only.

The DTC busses which were brand new when I left delhi are in bad shape now they are no longer new the seats are all torn and it makes hell lot of noise. Delhi is much cleaner then what it used to be. Another good thing was that Metro is coming near my house. Once that will be done the traveling will ease out a lot.

I traveled in cycle rickshaw after a long time, it was scary but felt good, Mumbai nad Pune doesn’t have such things.

After coming from Mumbai, Delhi sounds a lot quieter, I can hear birds chirping as I am writing this blog, but it’s never like this in Mumbai. Mumbai has too much of crowd in comparison to Delhi.

I went shopping on the Diwali evening and my mom was telling all the time that the market is so crowded and there are so many people. But I was very comfortable all the while as the crowd was nothing in comparison to what I get to see on a normal day at any station in Mumbai. While I was coming to catch Rajdhni from Mumbai Central I was waiting for Fast Local to arrive at Dadar. I just looked around and when I saw the overborad bridge I was stunned. There were so many people it felt like a scene from movie showing the partition of India and Pakistan.

Delhi is getting cooler and winter is just around the corner. In Pune it used be cold but nothing like Delhi, I remeber going to college in dense fog where traffic is moving just following the tail light of the vehicle ahead. It used to be chilling cold and wind flowing. I have not seen the Mumbai winter, but I have heard there no such thing as winter in Mumbai. I have to go to meet some old friend will get back to writing later.

I thought while going through :
1. the local market in Delhi.

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Anonymous said...

I missed winters for 3 years while staying in pune and back in delhi last week I could smell smell winters coming!! :)

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