Trip to Delhi, Detour Shimla via Chandigarh

Sitting in front of TV, I was bored. So just like I used to do in Symbi, planning a trip to far flung place on the run, I asked my parents let's go to Shimla. They asked me when? I was anyhow leaving in a week. I said now, right away, we will in Shimla tomorrow morning, we will be back on Monday morning and dad will not miss his office either. To my biggest amazement they agreed and we started.

Next morning we were in Shimla and it was really cold. It’s very beautiful. The air feels so fresh and pure. The thing that amazes me about that place is the steepness of hills and how people have carved roads and railway line out of them. At some places the roads are as steep as 45 degree. The vehicles need to have strong brakes. Coming to traffic, as it's a popular tourist spot there is a lot of traffic. But one thing and it's not only specific to Shimla but to all the hill stations that the discipline in traffic is amazing. Drivers respect traffic coming from other side and also the flow is nice. The basic reason is that if any vehicle gets stuck anywhere the whole hill comes to a standstill. Another reason for discipline is that fact that accidents in hills are almost always fatal.

Shimla gets really cold in the night and even heavy quilts were not enough. I used to get up early and wait for the sun to show up. The recent jingle "Thank you Sun" was most apt in Shimla. Another thing that I enjoyed was the fact that you never walk in Shimla you always trek, according to Mumbai/Pune standards.

I have been to Shimla before so I did not do much of sight seeing. On my way back to Delhi I decided to travel during the day. I was amazed to see the development in and around Shimla, the place have grown a lot of construction is going on. It's modernizing fast. On my way back we passed through Chandigarh, it's a really beautiful city. The roads are broad and buildings are short, temperature is pleasant. It's the only place where you will get to see gardens in the road divider and side walks for pedestrians covered with trees and side roads to add to that. The circles at the road transactions are maintained as beautiful gardens each having a different theme. It's always a pleasure to pass through Chandigarh.

I thought while going through :
1. the roads of Shimla and Chandigarh.

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falcon said...

>>Another thing that I enjoyed was the fact that you never walk in Shimla you always trek, according to Mumbai/Pune standards.

Very true and very funny!

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