Trip to Delhi, Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a very special festival, it’s a festival where the whole family gets together and prays for the better future and prosperity. It is also the time to shop a lot of new things, and to give a new and clean look to the home. All the places around you seem new and shining. It’s a very good time to be at home as you get to meet all the people around and also your relatives.

I reached home on Diwali day only and then I went to shop with my mom. It has a different feeling when you are shopping for a festival, you don’t feel tired easily and don’t feel like leaving anything for tomorrow either. Another important thing, I feel, to do on such a day is to call all your friends and loved ones and wish them Happiness. I called all my friends, well most of them, and wished them. I think once you start staying away from family you start respecting the bond of friendship even more. Friends become a part of your life; they take as important a place in your life as your family. You start sharing a stronger bond with all of them. It may not see apparent in day to day life but if you step back and think about it, you will realize that all the people around are very important in your life.

Coming back to Diwali, later in the evening we had a small prayer at our home. I lighted the diyas and candles in and around my house. It was looking really good; I will try to post some pics of Diwali. Then we visited some of our neighbours to exchange sweets, the basic idea is to wish them happiness and prosperity, sweets are just a token of the feelings. There were crackers going off in the background; Delhi was getting covered in the smoke. Pollution is the worst part of this festival. Barring that it’s a very good festival, you get to meet people and share happiness with them, it’s a day to get in touch with everyone and there is happiness all around. Happy Diwali to you may the coming season bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

I thought while going through :
1. the celebration of Diwali.

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