My view Vs Myopic View

While I was traveling in Rajdhani from Delhi to Mumbai I met a few people all from Northern part of India, like me, and working in companies in Mumbai, again like me. We started to chat and during the conversation these guys started comparing North and Mumbai, favorite time pass of most north Indians. They started cribbing a lot about Mumbai and Maharastra. I don’t exactly remember all their complaints but here are the ones I remember and which were most common:

  1. Mumbai is too crowded
  2. Maharashtrians are not cooperative
  3. Maharashtrians keep talking in their uncomprehendable language, Marathi.
  4. There is a lot of pollution
  5. The transport is bad
  6. it’s too expensive
I had a huge debate with them over each and every issue. I don't exactly remember exactly what all I said but here are brief points in answer to each of the above problem.

Mumbai is too crowded: Who is making it crowded? Are we not a part of that crowd? Mumbai was not always crowded, it's the people who keep migrating here makes it crowded.

Maharashtrians are not cooperative: I don't know who you are talking to? I have met so many nice people in this state, whether in Pune or in Mumbai. Even if you happened to meet some not so nice people that doesn't mean that everyone is bad. Every place is like this you will find a mix of people some good some bad. You cannot generalize like this.

Maharashtrians keep talking in their incomprehensible language, Marathi: Wait a minute did you not read the name before coming here, it's MAHARASHTRA, they speak MARATHI. Let me give you an example, you go to America, they speak English there and what do you do? You learn it. Maharashtrians don't need to change, you are coming from outside you need to adapt. Try learning this language like any other language it's very beautiful. If you learn a new language, then you can talk to a lot of people whom you could never interacted with.

There is a lot of pollution,The transport is bad & it’s too expensive: All these problems, who is responsible for all this. People, too many of them, more than what Mumbai was planned for. If you fill more more air in the balloon than what it can handle, it will rapture. Is that balloon's fault or is it your fault?

I don't think there is any problem. People need to remove this barrier from their mind that they moving into a place which not their own. World has shrink to be a single village these days. You should be able to adapt and work and live with people from varied cultures. It's always an enriching experience to talk to people from varied backgrounds. I think people who still refuse to change their thinking have a myopic view of this world.

I thought while going through :
1. high pitched debates with people in the train.

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Anonymous said...

I think you met people who are either new to Mumbai or came for a tour. Such people are entitled to make comments from outsiders point of view and it is alright. A guy coming from Maniupur would find Mumbai very crowded and it is ok.

Every city in world was made because people from hinterland or villages migrated to it. So in a way everybody is an outsider to the city. It take a generation or 2 before city makes you its own or the other way around. Cities usually have thier unique culture which has its own identity somtime very separate from native region also. I dont think that Mumbai gives you any taste of Maratahi culture. No way. Drive 100 miles outside Mumbai to get a taste of marathi culture.

Mumbai is a city made by migrants (outsiders!!). Parsis,Gujjus, Punjabis, Southies, you have them all. Cities usallly prosper because its denizens had migrated to it for a purpose, which was to earn more money, to have a certian can say material gains. They dont get shackled by set norms and traditions in hinterland and in that respect all of them share a common goal which is to succeed professionally. They are ready to compromise and question and coexist with others. All of them understand it and thats why cities are usually more tolerant. It is because cities are made of people who are more tolerant. But they can also be very impersonal and leave you alone since migrants had broken free of thier social network when thay moved out of villages. But then you can never ever disconnect from your identify which you had formed for many years liviing in towns/villages/region etc where you spent your childhood and youth. It stays with you even as you form another identity in City. But as they say, birds of feathers flock together. You still search people who came from same background as yours, you still want to have food which you are used to, you still want to speak in language which you consider as your own. So you see Southies living together. you will see parsi collonies and you will see gujju markets in Mumbai. know what, same thing happen when people migrate to other countries.

So crux is even when you are very tolerant and migrate and move around, you still crave for somthings which you identify as "your own". It could be being punjabi while living in Mumbai, or being Indian when you migrate to New york. World might be turning into a small village but only in terms of communication and reach. (there is a nice theory about it which won noble prized recently). We are still very different people with multiple identiies in varied social groups and that perhaps will never change. What will change is that we will become more tolerant since migrants are more tolerants and we will start understanding that our destinies as human race are interlinked. Some sage thousand of years back could see this and thats why he proclaimed "vashudhev Katumbkam...Entire earth is one big family".

Anonymous said...

for the above!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, who is this guy, writes really well.

Unknown said...

What is this going on my blog?
One anonymous is appreciating other anonymous ...

Unknown said...

... we will start understanding that our destinies as human race are interlinked.

The sooner we all understand that, the better the life will be. Our attitude determines our destiny and if our destinies are interlinked then we better change our attitude to be adaptive. If you open up yourself to the world you give yourself a chance to experience the cultural enrichment and immense learning & growth which you can't even think of when you stay closed and refuse to change.

DeepakS said...

Sahi hai bidu..!!
thats the beauty of mumbai...
everybody is welcomed here..(Sum recent Anti-Bhaiyya statements not withstanding)
U have various factions built up.. but u work with ppl from all places..
nice to see u like this place man..

Unknown said...

Maharashtra is a lovely place and I really like it. But the whole point was not just to tell others that I like this place but to impress upon the fact that we should be ready to adapt new things. We should be open to other cultures and rise above the pity differences.

Anonymous said...

''Mumbai is a city made by migrants (outsiders!!).''

hahaha!!Can one tell me why isnt a Mumbai formed in North,South,Gujjuland, Parsiland etc?

Nice post.Marathis will mingle and accept those very easily who can speak their language. I appreciate ur views.

falcon said...

@ Tarun

Another angle to the point
Maharashtrians are not cooperative:
Well, usually we find not adapting to the marathi culture, ( we = outsiders) and coupled with alien language we curse the localites. The localites having already a friend circle over here are usually do not lack friends and hence are not open to friendship from outsiders..
With Politics playing a part they curse us and we return the feeling of hatred..

But I remember an Israeli lady once said to me. "people are people ... just as there are big fishes in ocean an small ones too you just can't generalise!" So while it is true that some marathi's are non cooperative in nature it is also true that the same thing can be said about the immigrants...

Paradox Philic said...

I think i totally agree with the POV of Anonymous (the first commenter, that is!)..

Kudos to you, man...

*Sigh* Only if people could understand the true spirit of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam" !!!

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