What is mine?

I had a thought today morning, that there is nothing mine in this world. Yes there is nothing in this whole world that I can say is mine. Are my assets mine? Is the money I make mine? Are my skills mine? Are my thought mine? NO.

The assets I have I bought those with money. Money I earned because of the work I do. i got that work because of skills I have. Those skills I got from some other people, parents, teachers, friends, and so many others. So there is nothing that is mine. Is this thought mine? NO.

Thoughts are always influenced by something or other that happens in out life, the people we talk to, the books we read, the music we listen, the situations we go through. The decision of going through all these things is mine. Is it? NO.

There is always something or someone guiding you to take the decision you took in your life. Say you have to make a decision to go abroad or stay in India (you can take any real time decision that you took in past). Think about it. When you will break it down to that particular decisive moment, where you decided yes or no, you will realize that there were forces which were guiding you to take the decision to stay in India and there were forces which were guiding you to go abroad. Let's say you decided to stay back in India. If you will analyze this decision in terms of those forces, you will realize that, the forces which were guiding you to stay in India were greater than the forces which were guiding you to go abroad. Did I have any control on these forces? NO.

There is always some one guiding us to somewhere. If you look in your past you will see that all the decisions you took, you had to take those decision. There was always a force guiding you to take to the direction you thought you chose.

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Unknown said...

Few question that my friends asked me when I told them about this theory:

Q: What about the natural talent? Like some singers are born good, they did not take that from anyone. That is their own.

A: Is it? When did anyone of us decided to take a birth. We all came to this world and it was never our decision. So the talents or properties that we were born with were never our. the only reason we have those qualities is because of our parents.

Q: If nothing is yours and no decision you take is yours, then why are you held responsible?

A: Try finding the answer to that question yourself.

Q: If I had to do what I did, then I stretch this theory to future and say that what has to happen will happen. If that is true then I will no do anything, everything will happen itself.

A: There are always forces guiding you to follow a certain path, so if you decided to sit idle the forces that made you sit idle must be greater than those which makes you work. This theory doesn't say that everything will happen without doing anything. But the quest this theory raising is what is yours? Ar e the actions you are taking yours? NO.
You had to take those actions as there were some forces guiding you to take those actions.

Q: How come some people are more successful than others?

A: I am not a GURU. I am trying to make sense out of my life. Just a question popped in my mind that what is mine and I am trying to answer that. It's a fantastic question and I will try to think about it in the give premise of this theory. Some forces will have to guide me to think in that direction...

Ranjan said...

"Nothing is mine"

This is called connected yet disconnected theory as I like to call it.

and everything is triggerd by an event.. be it Newton discovering about gravity or anything else in this world. We cant have events happening on their own as it will be hard to give justification and that the reason why we are able to foresee certain things.

Lets give it a little philosphical touch:
Nothing is mine, is a realization that needs to be there in us, the feeling removes selfishness. We cant take away from this earth anything.. what we gave ?
But sometimes i think... who wants to be famous in this world??

Somya said...

Well your thoughts are similar if see a glass half filled either u can take it as half empty or half full...Well the decision what one wants to take from others(in terms of thoughts) is ours, the effort to transform those ideas or thoughts into something fruitful is ours and the results are all ours(especially u fail, the blame is all urs).

Unknown said...

Somya I don't think you got what question I am trying to answer. I am trying to answer, what is mine?

I am not talking about being optimistic or being pessimistic. Neither am I talking about being action oriented or sit back and wait to wait for something to happen.

I asked myself what is mine? I couldn't answer back with anything tangible. I thought and thought ... are the thoughts mine??? Are the questions mine ??? There was nothing that is mine ...

You do one thing try answering this question. If you think that the decision you took were yours ... then try to focus on the tipping point where you decided to favour what you chose. Wasn't there some forces which were guiding you to take the path you chose and their forces were greater than the forces which were asking you take the other path???

That is all I am trying to say... what and how and why is it useful, if it is. I have no idea. I am not trying to throw away my money ... neither I am finding a way to be less selfish, I am anyhow not much of a selfish guy.

I just had a question and I honestly tried to answer that question. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Guys. The question to which you are trying to find answer is a very old question in relam of philosophy. And question is "how much is free will and how much is predetermination". How much is destiny and how much is individual's choice in life. Is life all destined and we are just actors acting out a script written by somebody else? or Do we create script opurselves by makign choices we make?

In a way it is prmordial question which man has been trying to find answer to since he (or She as you like it) first become "aware" of his existence and started reasoning. I mean, look all of us ultimately orginated from same "source" and man was just a species which evoloved more than others. We evolved to such an extent where not only we could think (like some other animals) but we could also reason. Now I can tell you a big story but I think I have told Tarun once and he almost fell asleep. So coming back to question which Tarun has "nothing is mine", I would say that there is a mix of free will and predetermination in our life. Let me put it this way: Script of your life is largely written (conditions, your circumstances, family you are born in) but script writer has given you enough scope of improvising and be creative and make choices(free will). Play is written, how good an actor you are is left to be seen. Even higher, and interstingly both the actors and script writers are one. Ultimately you are master of your own destiny but you dont make your destiny in one singular space and time, but since we are programmed to "live and experience" in a lifetime which we delineate by two events of birth and death, we tend to forget that our conditions in this life might have been result of choices we made in some other time and space (called another life!!). And yes, you very much choose where you will be born. You very much chose if you want to go to America or not. And you need to make those choices in ambit of conditions which were result of your actions (well some conditions are result of larger karma, like you get affected by pollution which all of us cause).

Theory of Karma is best theory which perhaps explains this question. If you are one of those who are of scientific bent like me then, in science, Einstein said that "God does not play dice" which basically means that there is plan to whole business of life and existence.

Nature by design hides some things..the deep secrets...it only discloses them to those who venture to find them. Thats the fun in living. Going to America is incidental. Now I can go on and on but then I would end up starting my own blog.

Somya said...

Thanks Tarun...I guess there was some disconnect in my understanding n the way I had put forward my thoughts. hmmm...I guess I need to get my brain cells recharged(if they exist lol...).

Inés said...

When I make a decision based on my desires, I say it is MY decision. This is not about determination. Determination doesn’t canceal my freedom because it does not depend on the fact that I am not determined, it depends on the fact that what determine my actions are my desires. If I want to write and I write because of that, it is my writing. If I do not want to write but I do because I felt this is my duty, then my decision was not to write. May be the decision of following my duty was mine.

And about talents: yes, you did not decide. They are yours as much as your desires, in the sense that you have them. If what you want to say when you say that they are not yours is that you do not deserve then… you are right. We are lucky if we have talents and desires that make as and the others happy, and we are unlucky if our desires and abilities (joined with the World) make us unhappy. I wish you are happy. I wish you lucky with your talents and desires. Inés

PS: I know you wrote what I am answering a looooooot of time ago. I found it today making a search with a sentence that have nothing to do with the name of your blog or of your writings. So, it was not my decision to write? No, I do not make decisions, fate do this for me... don’t blame me. Byeeeeeee (and by the way, I don’t know if I will find your site again, so my mail is mines_1999@yahoo.com, just in casa you want to say I am wrong about everything, I don’t mind.)

Jai Anand said...

Absolutely... there is something... some force that exists that allows or persuades to come to a decision.... Some may call that force astral... some might believe it to be God ans some spiritual...However there are people who would also believe in Karma..... We may also argue that these forces are our inner voices...

Manjari Rai said...

Who's is our soul?
To whom does this culmination of thought,feeling & sense belong?

Buddy, there is no YOU. Every few minutes the anatomy of your body changes.Its scientifically proven that the set of minuscule units that made up "You", be that atoms/wavelets , a minute ago have been lost irrevocably.

Going by this logic, nothing's yours.....Or everything is yours!!! :)

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