Wasted Time

This is one of Kabir's Dohas.

Today morning while leaving for office I just got late by a minute. I take my office bus for commuting to office. The bus stop is just a min walk from my place. While I was running to avoid missing my bus I saw the bus passing. I ran on the road and luckily the driver spotted me and stopped the bus. This lead to a halt of traffic behind the bus and I was not able to cross the road, it took me 30 long seconds to cross the road, and all this time everyone was waiting for me.

It got me thinking, by how much time was I late? 30 seconds and that's not much, but when I thought about all those who were 30secs late because of me the figure is astonishingly high. There were around 30 people in my bus everyone lost half a minute. There 4 other buses behind my bus and they must be having a similar number. There were some cars and vehicles, lets take a minimal number say 30. So then and there around 150 people lost 30 secs or 75 mins of collective time. I though about it little further, there were more people waiting down the road for bus to arrive and in the end there were around 50 people in the bus. So let's say there were 60 more people affected for 30secs. Now think of all those who were waiting for these people at work, for meetings etc. they all were again late by 30secs. Let's again take a minimal figure of 100 people. So in all there were around 310 people who lost their half minute. So because of me world lost 155mins or 2hours 35mins. If I wouldn't have made the bus wait then how much time would have I lost 10 mins extra, but in now way was this justified for 2H 35M.

So many times we curse others for wasting our time, but how many times do we actually care about other's time. That's what the short saying, on the top, means. I think it's a very powerful way of thinking, the only thing I can improve upon is me, if I can do that a lot of other things will automatically fall into their place.

Added on 19th Feb 2007:
I think, I was supposed to get this learning the hard way. I missed my bus today and just by few seconds. Today I decided not to make it wait. I wanted to test how much extra time will it take this way. I took me 20 extra minutes to reach my office than the bus. I think 20mins are still better than 155mins and the best will be not to miss the bus and arrive at bus stop 30 secs earlier.

I thought while going through :
1. Euphoria's Doha song

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Somya said...

ROFL....you actually think too much.

Unknown said...


BTW Tarun you should have thought how much time you have wasted by thinking about this and working on all the calculations.... to add it to add, you wasted another 15 minutes of yours by posting this here on Blogspot.

Consider that about 50-100 ppl might have read your blog... (inc the ones who have not commented) thats a wastage of 5 min * 100 ppp
500 man minutes....

By posting this comment further, i have wasted another 5 man minutes.

haha, nothing has gone waste ... imagine all those ppl would have actually enjoyed the 30 sec break..., and had the luxory of working/fooling around, 30 secs lesser. [:d]

Ok i better stop wasting further time....[:)]

Unknown said...

Somya: I had to search for ROFL on Google. Was that funny, I was trying to be really serious. How many times do we actually think about other?

Harsha: I don't I wasted time on this post, rather I thought that people will think about this issue after reading the post. At least it will remind me to think about others.

It's not just about time but how many times do others have to suffer because of us? Be it time, be it us throwing our waste at all the places, be it our lack of manners in public and so many other things. It's not just about thinking for everyone. Let me ask you one question, rather you ask yourself, how many times have you suffered because of others? Write this number. Now ask another question to yourself, how many people have suffered because of you?
Think about it ...

ankurindia said...

wasting of time ? dont think so .why time and money is having more value than human being's these days

Anonymous said...


I can relate to the post, and the intensity with which you have written.

All i want to say one thing is !!!
"We don't Live in a Ideal World, with ideal people"

I don't mean to say u can afford to waste others time.

However it is tough to change people !!! All you can do is sticking to your own principles and idiologies (and i am proud to say i do the same)


Unknown said...

Ankur: I did not get your comment. If you are talking about value of human life I think that can be separate thread altogether; though very important. Here the discussion is around Personal Gain Vs Collective Loss.

Hrasha: True, I can't change people, in fact no one can change anyone. I can only change myself and the only person anyone can change is thyself.
People do change. Circumstances, situations, events and many other factors change them. It's good that you have a set of principals, I am sure you must be reflecting on them from time to time and improving them.

pradeepkumar said...

The calculations are interesting. Very smart way of presenting the facts

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