Exciting Year

It's exactly one year since I join Capgemini. A lot has changed in past one year. A lot has happened in past one year, but it still seems like it was yesterday that I was called on the stage at SCIT to collect my passing certificate. It seems it was just yesterday that I was giving my farewell speech with Ranjan and talking about what all had I learn. One more year is gone.

In last one year learned a lot, worked with some really brilliant and interesting people. I have made some new and interesting friends. Seen the beauty and ugliness of Mumbai.

Things have gone according to the plan I had for last year and I hope I will be able to follow my plans this year as well.

The year passed by. Trying to depict it in term of Excitement level, each month.

Got inspired by Ranjan's post to create a visual pattern of year gone by. I have plotted the year with excitement index. The year has been very exciting and as the graph shows I am more excited than what I was at the start of the year. The reasons for excitement have changed over the year, but they were supposed to change anyhow.

I thought while going through :
1. excitement of having completed one year at CG.
2. pizzas and ice tea at Pizza Hut Powai.
3. nostalgia of having left the Symbi campus.
4. Vashi creek bridge, the best place in Vashi.

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Anonymous said...

Great way to show the things you did last year... some really funny things in this post ... the best I like was the way you described the month of July:
"... same work, same life, it's raining and my shoes are wet..."

I have never though about my life in terms of year gone by but I thing it's an interesting way ...

Unknown said...

sure it's an interesting way of looking at life. But one should live life to the fullest daily not yearly.

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