The biggest scarcity

It's very hard to find good people. I think one of the biggest challenge in anybody's life is to find "good" people. I asked this question to myself, how many good people do I know? I can count them on fingers. I am anyone who is reading this can count the number of good people she/he knows and the number will be very less.

  1. Be Good: To get something you need to give something. That's law of nature, so if you are looking for good people you have to be good. Be good to everyone not just few selected people.
  2. Give three chances at least: Don't give up on people too early and too easily. Give them chance to prove themselves, give everyone you meet atleast three chances to make an impression. This brings another thing to mind,
  3. Be open minded: don't categorize people too early, even if you tend to do that be open to change the categories.
  4. Interact: Interact with lot more people. This will increase the chances of coming across good people. Go out meet new people, talk to more people than you usually do. Have lunch with different people on regular basis.
  5. Stick on like glue: Once you find good people, never let them go. Become friends, share moments with them, get to know them more and be there when they need you.
  6. Work with them: It's another very powerful way to be around good people and also a good way to find out good people. At work you spend a lot of time together, get a lot of chance to interact and build bonds.

I thought while going through :
1. the sad day when some of my good friends left the workplace.

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Manjari Rai said...

There is no scarcity!
There's some bit of goodness in everybody. And mind you,our judgements sit on the instable fulcrum of circumstances. If the person backs you, she's good! ; otherwise not !!! Isn't that ridiculous?

I have a better question. Can you think of a person who was outright bad? In all circumstances? To each of your acquaintainces? Let's say more than 3 times in a row :)

Shefali said...
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Anonymous said...

"Be open minded: don't categorize people too early, even if you tend to do that be open to change the categories."
Looking fwd to you implementing this golden rule in your own life!

Gaurav said...

How do you define good people! World is gray buddy and good and bad is relative, very relative.

"Don't categorize people too early," ..but you have already categorized people as good and bad.

This post sounds very unlike you and more like those indian gurus we see on religions channels..Good people and all that.

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