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One thing that has taken a serious toll because of Blogcamp Pune is my blog. Though I should have been more regular in posting but there was very less time. I am sure I will clear a lot of backlog after the event. Last Saturday I was traveling to Pune from Mumbai and I wrote a post on my way. See I told you my blog took a serious toll; it took 4 days for me to post this.

I am traveling from Mumbai to Pune for some preparations regarding the Blogcamp Pune. The weather is amazing, as soon as I drove out of Mumbai the scenic beauty makes you forget all the tensions of life, I don’t have any but I just mentioned that. The closer I am getting to Lonavala the darker the sky is getting. I can see clouds dancing on the top of hills alongside the express highway. I want to be in those clouds and feel them on my face. As I am writing this down it has started to drizzle and wind is blowing which is making the rain dance. The falling rain, the flowing wind and the green covered hills in the backrdrop, Wow it’s so beautiful.

I have just reached Lonavala and my bus is already traveling through the clouds. I just noticed that someone has painted the walls on the side of the road in shades of blue, some random images, some waves, some plain figures, but it’s looking good in this rain. I looked on the left and I could see the whole khopoli (I think that is khopoli can be some place else as well) getting wet in rain, it’s looking really amazing. Just after passing Lonavala there is a campus of Sihangarh Institutes, they are placed at such a beautiful location; they have buildings spread on a long spread out hill. I always envy these students; they get to live at such a beautiful place.

I am approaching Hinjewadi the place where I spent 3 best years of my life; this place has come up amazingly well in last 4 years. When I first traveled from Pune to Mumbai there was hardly anything on the sideways but now there are various showrooms and educational institutes on either side of the road.

I am at waked and next stop is the Hinjewadi flyover, I have to get down there to go to SCIT. I am sure all the participants coming from Mumbai to Blogcamp Pune will have a more pleasant journey than the people coming from Pune. Got to go now… see you at the Blogcamp Pune.

I thought while going through :
1. the awesome Mumbai Pune Express Highway

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moksh juneja said...

this is the most amazing way to give directions to people as well as lure them to come by road than train, plane and wish we had boats too

Anonymous said...

You write well man, i attended today s camp and trust me there needs to be some changes made to the event in the future. Less sponsors may be, more serious bloggers, more discussions amongst the bloggers and yes a fair chance to every one to speak. I almost walked out of the room for the lack of chance @ traditional Vs new media discussin. I am the same bloke who put up the topic of content in the newspapers....And BTW we belong to the same company...:) Ah well, am blogrolling you

Abdul said...


It was nice meeting you. Thanks for organizing the event. It was cool..


Harshal Shah said...

Good Show Tarun

lokesh said...

Hey tarun, it was a superb show that you and others managed to pull. Couldn't interact much with you but hope to see you soon.



Unknown said...

Tarun, any idea where the next Bogcap is going to be? It would be great if it's decided well in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi.... Could not attend ur seminar

Unknown said...

-->Moksh good that you noticed, that was one of the motive of this post. Also I love the Pune Mumbai highway, especially while going to Pune.

-->Superknown, it was an unconf and speakers were supposed to get themselves enrolled. Was little disappointed with bloggers not chosing to enroll for threads, but yes the talks in atrium were the essence of this unconf. Same company, really??? Ping me sometime, it will be great to meet you at work.

-->Abdul the pleasure was all mine. It was really nice to meet you and all the bloggers who turned out at the camp. Thanks for nice pics on flickr.

-->Harshal, glad that you liked the camp. I personally enjoyed it a lot, got to meet a lot of good people like you. Stay in touch bud.

-->Lokesh, it was not possible without the participation of all the bloggers, it turned out to be a good show, thanks to all of you. As there were too many people there was less time to interact with everyone, but surely we can stay in touch. I already like your blog.

-->Mutyni, next blogcamp hhmmmm ... havent really thought about it yet. Pune is a very nice place and it's fairly easy for me to organize things there. May be you can take up next blogcamp and I would love to attend it :)

-->annonymous, no problem my friend.

Anonymous said...

You are in Mumbai for CG and I work in Pune in the company CG took over, so the same company....

Nidhi Joshi said...

Hey hi Tarun it is really awesome information.....

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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