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Global Warming is the biggest danger looming over our planet earth. According to some recent study we have just 8 years left with us to change our ways of living else it will be too late. It is a very important issue and demands our immediate attention, each on of us needs to take responsibility to save our planet. So that our children are able to see this beautiful place, rather than facing natural disasters and trying to survive. Now is the time to act, now is the time to discipline ourselves.

I am using this blog post as a mean to spread word about Global Warming. I would request you to leave your comments to this post as that will act as the testimonial to this campaign's success. I will keep updating this post regularly with relevant material. Let's get together and save our planet.

Update 29th June 2007: It's a great start to the campaign, Shefali Tipnis has written a very good write up on Global Warming and has agreed to put it on this blog post.

Amitabh the farmer, Rakhi Sawant married or spinster, Bangalore or bengalooru: These are some of the headlines we love to read about. Lost somewhere among these current, eye catching topics is another hot but not so interesting word, “global warming”. No complains, Times of India, Indian Express, almost all news printing and covering services (the media) always give global warming its deserved importance and respect.

Thanks to all of them and of course to our general knowledge we all know it’s happening, and we all know it is going to eventually end the earth and life on earth, and yes something that we all know is that it is high time that the mankind reacts to it, takes preventive measures, takes action.

But hold on we are no environmentalists, we are not a part of the government and neither do we have so much of spare time. We are the educated class: too busy meeting deadlines in office and too busy trying to meet ends meet at home. We can read about global warming, may be Google it if required to talk about it in public gatherings, feel sad about it, talk about the good old green days when the city was not what it is right now, and yes if some enthusiastic soul decides to run a rally or a march to generate awareness we surely can sacrifice our very precious “weekend” for the sake of mother earth. Beyond that? Difficult right?

Well, lets jot down a few points we can do apart from the above ones. I am sure it is not an exhaustive list, but I am writing all that my little brain can think of at this point. Of course it is not rocket science, and it is also not very innovative or impossible!

  1. Drive less – We can save energy by taking the bus, riding a bicycle, or walking. Not only that, we can also loose weight by doing so. Magical, isnt it?
  2. Take prints in office only when necessary, so what if it is for free? Did you try back-to-back printing; it saves paper.
  3. Use the hand drier instead of tissue papers. Silly? Might be, but have you bothered to check the dustbin and see how much of paper waste its causes?
  4. When not in use, never leave mobile chargers plugged with the switch on.
  5. Lets extend this a bit; switch off the main switch of our computers, television sets, fans, tube lights when not in use. In short, lets save electricity whenever possible. Office or home lets just forget who is paying for it. Lets save it any which way.
  6. Lets always carry a spare shopping bag when we step out. You never know what you could be tempted to buy. Don’t we know “Say NO to plastic bags”! How long can we use the excuse of not carrying a spare bag?
  7. Thrash has a place to go, it’s called “the Dustbin”, and it’s definitely not difficult to use.
  8. Lets Google “ways to save planet earth”; and religiously follow at least the easy ones first and then proceed further and keep moving till we reach a stage where nothing that we do harms the nature.
  9. Lets take this hot, in news buzz word called “global warming” a bit more seriously. It definitely deserves more than just the front-page space of all leading newspapers!
Good points to start with and to follow. I can add another small trick that I am personally using these days; whenever you go away from your computer at work, put it on hibernate mode (rather than locking it). It will take 4 - 5 secs extra to start and hibernate, but it will save a lot energy and it will stop your computer, which is constantly producing heat.

These small and seemingly insignificant steps will help us save our planet. Let's do it!

I thought while going through :
1.some blogs about the Global Warming.
2. The facts that it is one of the biggest threats to our existence.

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Anonymous said...

My teacher says that water is a much more bigger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

This is a very good initiative Tarun. We all need to act to and really it's just about mending our lifestyle in very insignificant ways.
I am with you, I will save my planet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tarun

I support your awareness drive. May be you should spread it to get 1000 comments here. That will be a really good target.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you started this. But I think everyone needs to do this, not only in India but also internationally. I will also spread awareness in my country.


Manjari Rai said...

@ Anonymous: You are right.
WATER VAPOUR IS THE largest group of greenhouse gas.

But its proportion cannot be directly influenced by human population.
We however, directly contribute to the Carbon Dioxide/Monoxide, CFCs etc by burning solid fuels & automibile emissions.

Anonymous said...

Hey tarun. nice thing you started this talk.
Go a step further than putting ur PC on standby when u r not working. If you see that your Co-workers PC is on and they are not at their desk. Chances are hey may be working on something so we cant switch off their PCs. Instead just switch off their monitor. Just doing this would save a lot of Energy.
People Use electric items and say that they are clean as they dont produce any gases, what they forget is that the power plant is burning up coal/oil in order to create this electricity.
The last chance for earth is awareness among the Public.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
eT said...

Nice initiative dude..

falcon said...

OK let's go a step further and think about garbage seggregation...

if you have space which unfortunately we don't have in Mumbai..u can convert all vegetale waste to manures..

If u don't have space then.... I am sure u must have flowerpots in balcony living room etc.. now get urself a tin container... U do drink tea right??

don't throw away the tea leaves..move it to container..ket it rot.. trust me it doesn't stink even if u leave it open...

After amonth u have ur manure ready... for ur plants.. true leaf dust.. the costliest fertilizer in the, market..

Innovate folks it isn't that difficult!!!

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