Coffee and Sunshine

It must have been 5 in the evening when I got a chance to visit the cafe after a long stint in front of my pc trying to make sense out of some ppts and making few more sensible presentations. Sipping coffee and staring at the open sky was very relieving, the sun was trying to peep out to the clouds and they were not letting it.

I think in last 3 - 4 months clouds have succeeded in keeping sun under check, but now sun is beating clouds and in few days it will shine back to it's glory. Just some random thoughts running through my mind but it made me think that just like sun was covered by clouds for few days that doesnt mean that it was gone forever, it comes back after every rainy season and even dries out the unnccessary water collected at places due to rain. Just because conditions are not good or you are having few bad days doesn't mean that your time is up or you wont get a chance to shine back.

In the dark period sun keeps trying to make it's way out of clouds all the time and when it gets a clear sky it shines to it's best. Don't let some bad days, a bad day at work, a bad manager, a bad collegue, some crap work take your belief, your confidence or your dreams away from you. It's not always possible that everyone recognizes your talent and give you the best opportunity, but that should not stop you from keep trying all the time. One of my friend spent more than 300 days in last year on bench and came up with company of his own, super cool isn't it? One should always keep working towards his/her dreams and let no one affect them. I know it's easy to say all this and damn difficult to follow especially on a bad day at work or just a bad in general, but if one can do this he/she will shine to glory sooner than later.

Coffee break is over let me get back to work and beat some more life out of the keyboard, I am sure it must be cursing me like hell, but that story for some other day.

I thought while going through :
1. the much needed Coffee Break.
2. the constant beating of keyboard.

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Manjari Rai said...

hmmm....Got your point, bad days do not last and times change...But there is a nagging may not fit here..but want to put it down anyways...Frankly why attribute Sunshine to all that's Good and noble..while Clouds get relegated to gloom. Look at it differently...its only with clouds and sunshine together that you make a Rainbow...that u get a silver lining! Nothing is good just because it glitters & is gold...and not everything gray,dark and large is categorically bad....its simply an interplay of events...essential events that leave you tryly enriched! Grasp what each moment teaches you...and make merry! :)

methodactor said...

Nature gives us many mirrors. Some days we are feeling bad, and we are like the gloomy moss on a stone and then we are the sun, finally peeped from behind a cloud. There is a hue for every mood in nature's completely not over-rated palette.

Unknown said...

-->Manjari: Absolutely agree with you that the realy beauty is in the entirety of the picture, clouds are amazing after a scorching sun and sun is bliss after a long and wet rainy season. Though my post was portraying Sun as a Hero because I am writing it after the rains are over. It could hav been the other way round as well and made perfect sense.
The real reason for the post was simple that, no matter what the season (situation) is keep putting in your best.

Unknown said...

-->Methodactor: Good to have you here. You have said it beautifully ... "Nature gives us many mirrors. Some days we are feeling bad, and we are like the gloomy moss on a stone and then we are the sun, finally peeped from behind a cloud."

Just like that life gives us many situations some are not to our liking and some we really enjoy. The ideal thing is to keep living it to the fullest as good days are bound to come :)

falcon said...

So Mr. Tarun is turning morphing into a philospher???

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