Just one of those days.

I woke up this morning with a feeling that I was sleeping for a long log time, though I slept for just 6 hours. It was an uneasy feeling, it took a moment for me to gather what I did last night. I dragged myself to office somehow and sat in front of my office pc, kept staring at the screen. I was finding it unusually hard to focus on the daily work today, I don't know why. Had lunch, did not speak much with my buddies at the work either and was very quiet throughout. Attended a few calls, some meetings but there was hardly anything I contributed. I sat down again in front of my pc and there were hardly any thoughts in my mind today. I left office early around 5 or so, I was not really finding any utility in siting there if I was not there mentally, the problem was I did not know where I was mentally?

I left and took a rick and asked him to start, and go straight. Sitting in the rick staring at the moving traffic outside, I was still not sure what was wrong? Rick kept moving and after some time the driver asked me where I wanted to go? I had no idea, I think the question was much deeper than what it sounded. Where I want to go? I need to think about it, and need to find answers as well. I said take a right turn, I had no idea where it was heading to. I think that's what I need to do take a right turn and everything will be right, but I am not even aware of what is wrong?

The rick finally reached someplace near the seashore, I got down and took a stroll there. It was really good, the place was very quiet and the sun was setting, I don't remember when was the last time I saw the sunset. It was very beautiful and looking at the birds flying around cheered me up. I spent few hours there and returned to my place. I still have no idea why I was so low throughout the day and why I felt nice after visiting the seashore. I think it was that kind of a day when I didn't have many answers or questions either.

I thought while going through :
1.amazing seashore and watching the sunset
2. the crowded streets
3. the tussle in mind over I don't know what?

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Rohit Srivastwa said...

there some days like that in your life :)
Reading your post even I was thinking when was the last time I saw a perfect sunset.

And about the "right turn", I'm taking mine, you know what I mean.

BTW congrats!, you got your macbook.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what meeting you were attending and why you disconnected my phone call. Next time you call me...I will be in a meeting too... wating for the moon to rise.

Unknown said...

-->Rohit: yes there are some days like that, but this one was unusually different and I still don't know why!
Good luck with your right turn and for ClubHack, it's going to rock for sure.

Sometimes blogging the truth doesn't help ... I have learn the lesson ;)

falcon said...

Gr8.... mood swings and philosphies... They say when it happens ur career is on upswing... Want to know if it was true in your case?

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