Silence is Important

Learn to appreciate the beauty of silence. I have never really liked the idea of putting up loud music, whether it's during a party or during the festivals or the loud campaigns. I am not comfortable with the concept of making other people suffer for your pleasure, so when some people are having a gala time others who are not interested in listening to that sound are being forced to bear with it.

After a long day at work if you have to come back home and listen to loud music, being played at a gathering nearby, it makes you crazy. I remember when I was kid there used to something or other loud party during my exams and that used to be very disturbing.

Recently I had gone for a dinner at one of the good restaurants in Mumbai and there was an open area, with trees swimming pool and a panoramic view of mumbai city at a distance. I sat there for a while after dinner and I found that place to be that most quiet place I have been to in Mumbai. I could hear myself breathing and there was absolute silence. My mind became so quiet and I was not thinking anything, and it was really an amazing experience.

I think we don't really think much about the power of silence, it's only when there is silence you can listen to your heart and make good decisions. You get to think clearly about your thoughts. One thing that I noticed is that, the thoughts that keep your mind occupied for most of the time just vanishes when you are sitting in the silence. There are a lot of thoughts that are just like those people who can shout in the crowd and goes blank when asked to speak up solely. Silence gives your mind a chance to single out all the thoughts and give them enough time to crystalize while keeping all the unnecessary thoughts away.

It's really important that we all realize the power and importance of silence and reduce the unnecessary sounds to minimum. Think about it the better environment you have to think the better you will think and this will lead to a better you, better me and better us.

I thought while going through :
1. a bad evening when I had to listen some really loud music.
2. sitting quietly at a nice restaurant in Mumbai.

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Anonymous said...

So true we need more silent places. I like your post.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you compared the thoughts to people ... "There are a lot of thoughts that are just like those people who can shout in the crowd and goes blank when asked to speak up solely." ha ha ha :)

I surely agree we need more silence and silent places in our life.

Unknown said...

--> Reena: Thanks for the appreciation.

--> Raj: I think it's true do try it for yourself. Sit in an absolute quiet corner and you will see all the unnnecessary thoughts vanishing.

Anonymous said...

I will try that as soon as I find a quiet corner :)

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