Better Teachers and I am back from vacation

Have you seen that ad of the Future Group where a teacher is talking about the Sone Ki Chidiya? I recently saw that ad and I think it is one of the very best ads that I have seen for a while, not only for the reason that it reminds us that our country was great and again on the path to be one. I also like for the way it has portrayed the teacher, it is really important for us to have great teachers who can make learning a fun process for everyone. The way she makes a normal looking statement a great exercise for the whole class. The way she involves everyone in the class, those who were not willing to join in early got into the action soon after she get the momentum going. The way she handles one tough student and makes her happily participate with the whole class is simply amazing. It's very important to have good teachers and especially teachers who can improvise on the spot and come up with such simple yet very effective way of making people learn.

I remember learning the same lesson from my teacher when I was kid and it was just one of the statement she read as part of our syllabus. It was always just about completing the syllabus. I never really felt that my teachers ever believed in what they were actually teaching us. Some who did made their subjects really interesting and i learnt a lot from them.

I found the youtube video of the sone ki chidiya ad

I was on a vacation for almost the whole month of November. I visited lots of interesting and beautiful places in India like Delhi, Himachal some part of the Himalayan Range, Patna and Kolkata. I will be postings pics, text and videos in coming days.

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moksh juneja said...

looking forward to the pictures...

Unknown said...

--> Moksh: I have started posting about my vacations and will posting a lot of pics in coming days.

Unknown said...

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