There are times when I find myself lost and in strange spots and facing questions that never occurred to me before. I like it and enjoy it all as a part of life. This is what enriches my wisdom and all the experiences and make me a better human being. But sometimes there are cases when I am not sure at all what decision to take, which way to chose. At that time I like to go back to some of the respected people and ask for their advice on the same. Most of the time I don't get an exact solution but I do get a guideline, a torch in the dark that helps me to conquer the fear of unseen. I think last year sometime I wrote about and discussed the issue of mentoring with a variety of people. I think the experienced people have a bigger role to play in our life and we should leverage that more often. It always helps to get an advice from someone who has seen more life than you, who has been through a lot more situations than you have been.

What do you think???

Tarun Chandel
Life, Learning and Technology
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Anonymous said...

Hello ,i think thats very right,i can not better say it !!
greetings from belgium,,very interessant site you have maby you visit my site also ?

Anonymous said...

Hope i did it right!!!


Anonymous said...

let me add two quotes to it

"experience is the best teacher"

your life is never enough to learn everthing, so learn from others experience

Unknown said...

--> Anonymous: good that you stopped by.

--> Rambhai: Very true, the gist of it all is that we should keep learning and if we get stuck we should seek help from wiser people :)

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