Re-Living Vacations Series: Diwali and Cricket

I had a good time staying at home and visiting local markets, meeting old acquaintances. Some old school buddies, some local friends, some old places where I used to have chat and gol gappas. It was all so good. Delhi was cold especially as I had come there from Mumbai, but that added to the overall experience.

On the day of Diwali I got a call from my old friend and he asked me if I wanted to play Cricket. At 6 in the morning it was an odd offer but for old time sake I agreed, we used to get up even at 4 to play. (There was one time we got up at 3 in the morning, but that story I will cover some other day). It was good to play after almost a year, I hit 2 sixes and bowled an over taking 2 wickets and got hit for 2 sixes as well. My team ended up losing match though but it was such a refreshing experience. I wish I could play more cricket. I miss those days when I used to roam around tossing a ball always trying to bowl a Shane Warne like leg break where I pitch the ball outside leg stump and bowl the batsman around his legs. I bowled such a delivery a lot of times but whenever I got it wrong I gave a lot of runs but whenever I got a wicket I used to be so happy especially to see the expression of amazement of the face of batsman. The days in Delhi were full of such joys and nostalgic memories of my childhood.

It was a lovely and cold morning tree in front of my place was still trying hard to hold on to the green colour.

If you can guess what this is I promise to buy you a coffee next time we meet ... :)

Delhi was glowing in the colorful lights and it was such a lovely sight. A small light alone looking so good and playing it's small though important part in the whole view.

The glowing diyas and candles, the smell of diyas when you put oil in them and light is so amazing.

Diwali was such a good day and such a nice evening, meeting all the people around and looking at the bright decorations done by everyone is something that will stay with me for the rest of the year till the next Diwali. (Besides the shor and excess noise of crackers it was a very nice day).

In my next post I will be about my visit to Noida.

Tarun Chandel
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Anonymous said...

It seems that your home is very close to Nature.
Had a lovely vacation…hmm.
It’s a nice feeling to go back to our Home town, old memories just pore in.
I couldn’t guess what the 2 photograph is all about …I lost the prize!
All the snaps are too good………..( my mom liked the one with a combination of Candles & Diyas)
The one I liked ………….in my next comment

Ranjan said...

Let me guess...
The second photograph is...grains... DAl...kaunsi yeh nahin pata...may be kali daal....
Now you have to buy me a coffee,

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics Tarun. I think the second pic is of some stones... do I get the Coffee???

Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun,
I guess 2nd picture is "Masur" (in Hindi) and i like all the dishes which have 'Masur' in it.

Unknown said...

--> Bhavya: Yeah the vacation was really good. It makes me fell happy that you and your mom liked the pics (Candles and Diyas are my fav as well, it's my wallpaper these days. Do let me know which one you like.

--> Ranjan: Though you are right that it's a Dal but it's not the Kali dall as it's not BLACK in colour.

--> Raj: Thanks. Sorry the second pic is not of stones though it looks a lot like it is.

--> Lalita: Lalita Ji maan gaye aapki parkhi nazar aur Nirma Super dono ko (sorry for my a sick joke). Yes you are right it is Masur ki daal and you win the Coffee with Tarun award :) Though I don't know you, so how can I get you a cup of Coffee :(

Rohini said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by with your good wishes :)

lalita said...

Thanks for the Award!!!
The image was of Masur and not Masur Ki Daal. We get the Daal after the processing done on the Masur.
It was nice to blog

Anonymous said...

You seemed to have a great time in your vacation :)
Though looking forward to the rest of the series ...

Unknown said...

--> Rohini: Your blog is really good and I enjoy reading it a lot. Thanks for taking efforts to comment here.

--> Lalita: Hey that's right...

--> Raj: yeah the vacations were amazing. Will be writing aobut the rest of it some days.

Chandoo said...

very good pics Tarun.. what is the camera / gear you have?

Unknown said...

--> Chandoo: ahh I was just playing with my camera (Sony DSC-H7) that I recently bought. I am flattered if you like these.

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