Re-Living Vacations Series: Landing in Delhi

It always feels nice to return to Delhi, but Diwali is the time when Delhi looks at it's best. Not only because of the festival but also around this time that Delhi starts getting a bit cooler and the nigths get bit hazy. I landed in Delhi after a long wait and delay in the fligths, usual at the festival time. Mumbai's Chatrapati Shivali Airport was flodded with people this time looked more like a Railway Terminal but I think it is one of the better Airport of India , as I was to realize in coming month of my vacation.

I landed late in the night at Delhi's airport and it was a nice ride back to my place. Delhi's roads have changed, they have bee broadened and are a lot smoother than Mumbai's (especially after the rains of Mumbai). The road side constructions are at all time high especially in the areas between Dhaula Kuan and Narayana, it used be the greenest area of Delhi on the Ring Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road). Metro has already changed the face of Delhi, there are places where it's passing on the top of the flyovers so there are two levels of the flyovers. Cool. Feels amazing.

It was an amazing feeling to have dinner at home after a long long time. Once you stay away from home you realize the value of home made food.

Sunset view from my place in Delhi. It was an amazing feeling to watch a sunset, I think it was my 4th or 5th sunset view in the whole of 2007 so far.

One of my abstract photograph, I really liked the way it came out and as you will notice in coming days I ended up taking a load of such abstract photographs during my vacation.

It was really good to meet up with old friends and relatives in Delhi and I had great first three days, meeting people and eating home cooked meals.

Next post in this series will be about Diwali and rest of my days in Delhi.

Tarun Chandel
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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Amazing sunset ... btw just 4 sunsets in whole of the last year ... really???

Ranjan said...

mast pics hai...
Post some dharamshala pics also.

Unknown said...

--> Raj: Thanks. Yes that's the sad part. But I got to see a lot many sunsets during my vacation.

--> Ranjan: Thanks. I will be posting all the pics in coming days.

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