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Saw Taare Zameen Par recently and as Gaurav told me, after watching TZP, it is magic on the screen. The bottom line is so true, every child is special. I think it is true not only for child but for every human being. If I think about it from the IT industry perspective, it is true for every person who works here. There are people who I thought were not good, but now I am thinking about the reason why are they no good. I think there are basic problems like things don't make sense to them but they are forced by the peer pressure the ever reducing deadlines and leaders (who again are weak at the basics), just like the teachers of the TZP. The guy in TZP was lucky to have a teacher who understood the problem and helped the students. But what about others, what about those who are caught and without realizing will continue to go worse??

I think the onus lies on back individual to raise his standard, never stop learning, always be on the lookout for opportunity to learn. If you don't understand the basics, please make an effort to understand those. Talk to people who knows, talk to elders who can mentor you. Talk to your mother as she is one person one cannot lie and she will guide you to right path. Remember for her you are the best person in this world. Everyone of us is special but you will have to take responsibility to shine through. So go out and rub off your fears to learn, get the basics fixed and shine.

Tarun Chandel
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Ranjan said...

dude this is too good.
I noticed the change in URL...and its

This is ths the first thing I am ging to do once i come back... came online after a long time today... have been realy busy with project..and was pleasently surprised by the new look of your blog.
MAn rock!!!

Bhavya said...

TZP is a beautiful movie sensibly made to appeal to all sorts of audience across all strata of society.
It touched my heart.
After watching this movie i went up to my mom and gave her a hug.
It was just to tell her that
"Thanks for believing me & supporting me".

Gaurav said...

There are movies and then there is cinema. Movies entertain you , cinema goes touches you, makes you think and can move you. TZP is that sort of cinema.

At one level it is a story of a kid with certain disability, at another it is statement of present state of affairs in every Indian family (growing toppers). Yet another level, it shows dismal state of school education we have in country, a country where schoold kids are given electric shocks by teachers who became teachers out of compulsion and not choice. Schools, where primary task for a kid is to get higher grades and gulp down things without really appreciating or understanding anything. Factories which conditions mind.

At yet another level, TZP is about a kid whose soul and spirit is all but exhumed by those close to him, untill a guru makes him connect back to that fountain which lies inside all of us from which springs the true essense of life.

At yet another level, TZP is abut breaking boundries in Hindi cinema ...afterall you dont see a kid song using heavy guitaring and you dont see a child acting so well that he can put some of bigegst stars of town to shame. But rest assured he will never win best actor award, but perhaps "best child actors under 12 years" one of many numerous awards like best actor in romance, best actor in action, best actor in suppiorting role, in leading role, in funny role, in villanous role, in shitty role, best actor in cameo, best actor in item song...blah blah...bascially awards which more or less include almost everybody in bollywood. Aand ever wonder why there is not simply a best actor award!

Tarun Chandel said...

--> Ranjan: Thanks. About the I recently got it (as a new year gift for my blog). New look of the blog is a trial to simplify things a bit. I hope things are going good in US.

--> Bhavya: That is a beautiful gesture towards your mom. Wish I could do the same, but my mom is 2000kms away :(

--> Gaurav: You are a ROCK STAR (when it comes to writing), though there is no such award but you are still a Rock star writer. Coming back to TZP, does it really matter that there is no such award? For me, you and many people he is the best actor and that is what matters; not what a magazine/channel that is out to please everyone in the film fraternity.
The best part of the movie for me is still the message that, we are special irrespective of what other people think. All we need is to get rid of our fears.

Raj said...

I think you missed an important point of the movie that we need good teachers.

Raj said...

Hey BTW the kid did get nominated for the Best Actor award and won it as well, in the critics category.

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