Cold Night

Sitting in a cold night and staring at the vast and bright sky. The moon is shining through the night smiling gently as if acknowledging the attention that it is getting for being the brightest thing in the dark sky. Night is so quiet all the birds are sleeping, there are few dogs but they are also quiet may be it is because of the cold. The place looks so still, though there are some people roaming around but they are hardly a distraction. The noise of train passing by is audible in the background, if you really concentrate. The cup of hot tea in hand feels heavenly and warmth comes back to my body, as I take the next sip. The wind is starting to blow and makes my teeth titter. The fire is starting to burn bright as I put some more dry wood into it. I can hear that someone is singing an old melody at some distance.

Such a beautiful night.

Tarun Chandel

Life, Learning and Technology
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moksh juneja said...

hey!! that is a really good picture of the moon. I have never managed to take that kind of picture with a digital or a SLR!!

Unknown said...

--> Hi Moksh, Thanks I think I got lucky. I was just clicking around and may hands did not shake because of the cold :)

Arti Honrao said...


I wanted to leave a comment here yesterday but I was tired ...

Awesome picture you have captured, lucky you!
Also, past two three days err ... nights, it was supposed to be a star studded sky ...
was it really?
I missed watching
Cannot believe actually, I spend a lot of time at the window at odd hours but these few days I was too lazy to walk to the window *sigh*


Unknown said...

--> Hi Arti, good to have you here and thanks for your comments on my pic :)
Nights have been beautiful for last few days.
By the way what is GBU???

Arti Honrao said...

Tonight is going to be one of the star studded night and I ain't gonna miss it :)

GBU means God Bless You :)


Adi S. said...

Mr Chandel wats up with this hair do! :)

Anil P said...

Yes, a beautiful night indeed.

Anonymous said...

--> Thakur (tgg): How are you?? And what is Danke? Changing hairstyle is the constant thing in my life :)

--> Anil: good to see you here and thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

You have some really nice pics on your blog. You should start a photo blog as well :)

Are you there on flickr?

falcon said...

Never knew u were into photography... the description was good...

Want more post of such kind!!!

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