Do You Enjoy your Work??

I want to do something that satisfies me, so that I can sleep well at night.
I was talking to one of my friend who has been working for around a decade now and these were his words. I looked at him in amazement, thinking that a guy like him who, a lot people look up to, is saying such a thing. Before I could say something, he asked me Tarun do you really enjoy what you do? Are you able to sleep well at night?

Take 2 I was watching Spiderman 2 recently and in the movie Peter Parker (Spiderman) was living a poor life, struggling for money, struggling with relations, but he was doing something that he really enjoyed though that hardly gave him any money. The situation got worse and Spiderman had to quit doing what he really loved. He started living an ordinary life, but he was not meant for it. He felt happy for few days but real happiness eluded him. He finally realized that he belonged to being a Spiderman and he did that.

Coming back to the talk I was having with my friend. I asked my friend when was the last time that he had this feeling of doing something great.? He answered that it was during his first job where he got to work on some complex project where, he got to learn a lot and at the same time he performed really well. On further discussion he revealed that he still misses that team and together they were the best team he worked for. After that he has been doing same mundane work, there is hardly anything exciting.

I remember what Peter Parker said:
Whatever comes our way,
Whatever battle we have raging inside us,
We always have a choice.
My friend Harry taught me that,
He chose to be the best of himself.
It's the choices that make us who we are
and we can always chose to do what's right.
You are doing things so that you can follow your dreams, but then you get so involved in it that you tend to forget your dreams. What is that stopping you my friend from following your dreams? If you don't like what you are doing then start doing what you love. There was a long silence after I said this. I did not speak as I thought there was a much serious conversation going on inside him...

Tarun Chandel
Life, Learning and Technology
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Manjari Rai said...

An apt conversation Tarun, but very sensitive too.
Being stuck at a bad job is like a can suck you in... reasons can be varied; "I need the money now", "Who will slog so hard?", "I will learn to love my job eventually"...Hope we all never get pulled in!

Bhavya said...

Big Question: What is that stopping you from following your dreams?

Suggestion: If you don't like what you are doing then start doing what you love.

Even if the suggestion is very close to the answer for the above question I believe that it is easy said then done.

We take up a job thinking that this will lead me to my destination, but at the end work gets so complex that we forget why we are here for.

At job we have competition & majority of the time we compromise at things just because of work pressure. We are involved in so many things that at the end of the day even if we sit back & think how many steps have I take to reach to my destination, I am left with an unsatisfactory count.

So I belive – “Give your best & be focused in order to convert our dreams into reality”.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed the choices that make us what we are.

Unknown said...

--> Manjari: I know, there are so many things to be taken care of. Think of this guy working for last 10 years, he has a family to support, kids to be taken care of, pay the bills, repay the loan installments... It is not that easy to just walk away.. but there has to be a way to do something that you love and be happy.

--> Bhavya: I believe journey is as important as the destination. If one choses to take up a journey that she doesn't enjoy I am not sure how will she reach the destination that will make her happy!!!

--> Raj: Thanks!

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