Moving on...

I am sitting in the bus and returning after slogging for whole day to get some excel files right. The whole day was about getting something right. In reality it was just about staring at the computer screen for whole day, taking those tea breaks and having long conversations with people who I have never seen, who talk in a very different accent than mine. The day was tiring, the day was was exhausting. I am staring out of the window of the bus and the whole day is running in front of my eyes. I left office as I thought it was enough for the day but I am still caught up in the thoughts of the task. I closed my eyes, to think about some of the nice times that I had in past. Think about the beautiful places I have been. Hmm... mind is settling a bit.

I opened my eyes and looked up, the sky is looking so beautiful, blue, green orange, bloody red wow. How come I was looking at it but did not notice it. The sun is setting and it is looking so beautiful. I reminded myself about the resolution that I made last year, to see more sunsets. The trees on the roadside are hiding the setting sun behind their leaves and the golden rays are piercing through the small gaps. It is so beautiful, I love this sight. I think the day is far from over.

My bus is passing over the sea and there is water on either side, to the extent I can see there is just water. I want to swim across this sea, faster faster than fishes. I see a bird flying over the sea trying to get back home before dark, I want to fly higher and higher and glide through air faster than the bird. I see a train passing by overtaking our bus, I want to run faster than the train and overtake it. I look at the sun it is about to say goodbye to the day, the moon is almost ready for its turn to shine through the night. Bird has reached its nest and settled for the night after a long day at work. The train has reached its station. The sea is still lying there. I am still moving on... I am still moving on....

Tarun Chandel
Life, Learning and Technology
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Manjari Rai said...

"If you stood on the bottom rail of a bridge, and lent over, and watched the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you would suddenly know everything that there is to be known." -Winnie the Pooh.

"What is this life if, so full of care, We have no time to stand and stare." - W.H.Davies

I accept the blame of using too many quotes; but these describe exactly what you might have felt :(
I am glad you enjoy the beauty all around too.

Ranjan said...

After being "RAIed" , i would rather not ruin your composition with quotes and Unquotes...
you see write some thing good ..feel the air on face... see the blue and green and the moving train...and what you get in the end ... some "I think therefore I am" quotes from Rai... she stole the show man... who remembers winnie the pooh!!??
I would rather quote ... harry Potter.
Stopping by to watch a sunset in the mumbai madness is unimaginable. you know this what I said to one of my clients some time back..that the only time I look towards the sky is when my neck is stiff... and unfortunately my eyes are clossed...
you wrote well... make sure that Rai reads my comment. ha ha ha

Manjari Rai said...

:) I am game for all comments you guys make.
Though seriously, I will forward my draft to you guys for critical appraisal whenever I decide to write a book.

Unknown said...

--> Manjari: You know what, that Winnie the Pooh has said a very clever thing. I was in Kolkata standing on the Hawra bridge and watching the Hubli flowing beneath and suddenly a rush of feelings hit me. It was really amazing to see the river carrying water that was part of mountains some days back ... and before I could know everything Ranjan said Tarun lets go I am feeling dizzy.

--> Ranjan: Damn you Ranjan if you would stayed there or have leaned a bit Manjari would have been quoting you and me.

--> Manjari: Please.. I thought you were my friend. How can you think of being so cruel to me??

Unknown said...

--> to myself: sometimes I do feel like that Hubli river that, a part of me is about the wisdom of mountains. Due to inflow of other streams that wisdom is getting diluted but it is my responsibility to keep that wisdom pure and I am trying my best to do it.

Manjari Rai said...

Hey, dnt take things to heart that easily; we folks are great friends :)

And talking of Hubli; look at it this way...Hubli is a what it is thanks to all its million tributaries. All those little streams merge their identity, their richness with the main river. What Hubli must retain though, is its nature to accept graciously.

Thanks, I feel elated to begin the day on this note :)

Unknown said...

--> Hey I was joking that reading draft your book will be a pain. I think it will be very interesting. By the way for that you will have to include a quote of mine in your book :)
I think what you say about Hubli is nice that it should always be ready to welcome new streams. Though I think one of the major task of river is to carry the wisdom of mountains to plains and making sure that it stays till it becomes part of the ocean. That way it enriches the lives of everything coming in its contact. I know it is getting bit too arbit even for my standards :)

Anonymous said...

It just so happen that we overlook the beauty all around us. We take the nature for granted and then out of somewhere we get to read posts like these and it hits us. Sunsets are the most beautiful things and its good that you are trying to see as many as possible, I cant remember the last time I saw a setting sun.

But I don't understand the end line are you being positive that you are still going on or are you sad that you still have to reach your destination?

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