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Yesterday while coming from office I saw a bus going to Uran, a place around 20 kms away from Mumbai. I thought I have never been there so lets go there. In a flash I started running behind the bus and caught it (thanks to the traffic), I took the front seat and settled down for a joyride to Uran. I was excited, whenever I am getting out of Mumbai I feel very happy, there is this feeling of elation. The reason is that the countryside of Maharashtra is very beautiful. The people outside Mumbai are so different than those in Mumbai, you will notice a stark difference, people are much more accommodating they are more helpful. The proof was people backing up on road to avoid a jam and I noticed it more than once. I have never seen such a incident in Mumbai, everyone is in hurry to get somewhere and no one is ready to back off (even if they end up losing hours in jam and fighting).

I reached Uran drenched in my thoughts. The place was not that big, a small market, a school, a junior college and I think I saw a govt dispensary as well. The people were looking happy and it had a feeling of a small village recently grown up (though I have no clue about the history of Uran). The roads were not that wide but the traffic was high. I talked to few people at the Vada Pav stall (by the way Vada Pav was amazing) they had a strong Marathi accent, stronger than people in Mumbai (I think it was local Uran accent and I had to think twice before I could understand what they meant). I thought I could understand Marathi very well but I was tested. Anyhow, people were nice to talk to. I asked them what do most of the people do here for living? They told me as the JNPT is near by most of the people work there, some are doing business in the local market and a huge chunk goes to Mumbai for earning their bread. I met a student who travels daily to Mumbai more than 3 to 4 hours and he told me that he is not alone there are a lot students doing the same as there are not many good tuition classes in Uran that can prepare them for further studies like Engineering, Medical, Management and other courses. There was a old man sitting near by he said, times have changed, people are having access to better facilities and they don't have to leave their home.

I came back to the bus as it was about to leave, the driver was amazed and was staring at me. I told him that I had never seen Uran so I came. He asked me where are you going next?? I told him back home... he was still amazed that I just came to see the place. He told me more about Uran and also told me that a lot of people travel by this bus. Actually think about it, the bus is such an important thing for a place like Uran. The driver is not just driving a bus he was enabling people to dream. Students who want to make a good future could travel to Mumbai and get good education, people could travel to Mumbai to earn their living, people could travel and have access to better medical facilities in Mumbai. At the same time people could stay at Uran rather than shifting to Mumbai, this will help Uran grow better. The driver is not just driving a bus he is enabling people to dream for a better future not only for themselves but for Uran as well. I reached back home thinking about all this. It was a very good experience. I would urge all of you who are in Mumbai or alike places to, go out of the cities and visit these small places they are beautiful and people are still human there.

Thinking about the whole trip, it wouldn't have been possible if I had not listened to the child like urge to catch the bus. I was a crazy thing but then I did not had a feeing of I COULD HAVE ... at night.

Tarun Chandel
Life, Learning and Technology
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Anonymous said...

I thought only I was crazy to do such things .. good to hear this from u..

Manjari Rai said...

How exciting! [:)]Lucky..... to get time to march to the tune of your own drummer.

Anonymous said...

Country side of maharashtra is really beautiful.

Ankesh Kothari said...

Going to Uran for a vadapav! Thanks Tarun for having grand experiences and blogging about it.

lokesh said...

Wow Tarun. I can truly understand that 'call' from within that drove you. Strangly over the period the same call within me is now getting feeble - which at times makes me wonder - is it really going feeble or is it that I am 'neglecting' it - more occupied with other things around me? But lately as I read your blogs, I feel its me who is the culprit here.

Keep writing Tarun.



Anonymous said...

The way you see a bus driver is really good. Never really thought how important role they are playing.

It is good that you listened to your urge and chased the bus.

Ranjan said...

cool description of your trip.
I was jsut wondering once we have the travel portal up and running may be we have a comprehensive platform for such travel experiences by individuals.

Unknown said...

-->Nishit: Nice to know that I am not alone :)

--> Manjari: It sure was exciting, felt good to meet new people and visit a new place :)

--> Anony: that is so true, country side of Maharashtra is really awesome. It has a different flavour for each season.

--> Ankesh: Belive me Vada Pav was really awesome. The experience was not that grand but it sure was good.

--> Lokesh: Just walk out one day without aiming where you want to go. Keep moving and let your heart guide and you will be surprised by the places you will see :)

--> Raj: I call him the dream enabler and really think he is.

--> Ranjan: Thanks. Surely we can have a lot of interesting things on that site. But when are you going to put it online???

falcon said...

Hey Tarun..I sense a shy ...social worker here...

Anonymous said...

I got on a bus once just to see where its route ends, but I was sitting on the top floor of a double decker and I fell asleep. I got up when the driver was locking up and leaving, and ran down screaming to get his attention! Took me ages to get home that day:)
Saw you at BarCamp Mumbai, and I found your opinions quite interesting!

Unknown said...

--> Falcon: Driver sure can be looked from that perspective.

--> Vidha: Must have been an interesting day :) And I would have appreciated if you could have said hi to me at the camp :)

Dhiraj said...


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