Capoeira Mumbai

Capoeira is a traditional Brazillian dance. It is a mix of martial arts, dance and traditional Brazilian Music. I was lucky to catch a session at the St. Stanislaus High School Campus, Bandra. I was there for the Yuva Vividha Seminar. Please excuse me for the darkness in the video but these people were performing in a dark corner.

Video 1 Capoeira

The music in the video is really amazing and the energy of the group makes it even more special. This group of cool people got together and started playing some nice music. The energy of the group kept getting better, it was really amazing. Watch out for the guy in the end...

Video 2 Capoeira

In this video the group was playing bit slower but very nice music. One minute into this video you will hear me talking to Valentina (from Italy) about the history and other interesting things about Capoeira. She explains the whole thing with lot of interest and excitement. Also you can see Freeman playing in this slower version of the Capoeira.

Video 3 Capoeira

This is the last of the three video that I captured. In this one the song and music was absolutely amazing but I have not been able to capture it completely. You can find more about Capoeira on Wikipedia. If you are interested in playing Capoeira please visit the Capoeira India Blog, these guys are amazing!

Tarun Chandel
Music, Dance and Capoeira
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Raj said...

Hey I did not know such things are there in Mumbai or even in India. How can I learn Capoeira?


Tarun Chandel said...

--> Raj: Just visit the link that I have in the end of the post.

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