Somethings are best witnessed and experienced, but let me try

It was one of the quietest place I have ever been to. The hills in the background were a thick forest with melodious birds. The musical sound of birds was to echoing in the green surrounding. Even the wind was musical, I never knew that trees were such good music creators. The sound of leaves dancing with joy was taking me to a greater high. There was so much to listen yet it was so quiet, yet there was silence. I could hear my heartbeats, I could hear myself breathing and it somehow was sounding all musical to me. This never happened before, never ever. I never knew the music that I play all the while, may be because I never really could hear all this while I was in plains. This place was quiet, it helped me to connect with myself.

Beautiful Cloudy Valley Tarun ChandelThe valley in front of the hills was one of the most beautiful valley I have seen. May be it was because that day, the sky was covered in misty clouds till the horizon. It was such a beautiful sight. Being at a quiet place with an amazing view in front, I sat down there and chose to gaze at the horizon and listen to the most natural music and, at the same time enjoy the silence. I am finding it hard to express in words and I think you can notice that. Somethings are best witnessed and experienced.

awesome moon tarun chandelI must have have been sitting at the same place for hours, though it never felt like that. The moon was out to venture in the cloudy sky and it was an amazing sight. It was all so simple yet so beautiful. It felt like as if there was someone up there who had planned all this so that I could witness this beauty. The quietness of hills, the music of wind, the mistiness of surroundings, the beautiful moon lit sky, all looked so designed. May be it was just my mind that has always been designed to look at everything with suspicion. Or may be it was designed so that I can change my behavior and it worked, I guess (again suspecting ;) so it may not have worked).

It was the time when I realized that nature has so many gifts for us and we are busy chasing ... God knows what. It will be a good idea to stop someday to look around, spend sometime with yourself, cleanse your thoughts, cleanse your soul, cleanse your character and start afresh. May be we will be able to give a meaningful direction to our chase.

Tarun Chandel
Music of silence,
beauty of nature and
thoughts of a calm mind.
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Anonymous said...

Simple yet so thought provoking, Tarun at his best :)

And a great moon shot, really amazing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tarun for making us wishful.

One thing I miss staying in Mumbai is seeing a sky full of stars...

Hmm - I may just end up going to Mahableshwar or somewhere before the seasons up.

Vivek Khandelwal said...

dude..i wil die for tht moon shot..
how in the world could take that one..
i tot we had the best moon view from my hostel roof top..
but beleive u me ...u beat me by a huge margin...

Unknown said...

--> Raj: Thanks for the appreciation.

--> Ankesh: Yes a sky full of stars is something that Mumbai doesn't have. But it has stars who touch the sky :)

--> Vivek: No need to die for a moon view. If you get a chance do visit the hills in north and I am sure you will witness even more amazing sights. And you hostel roof gives a good view of the moon that is something I would like to witness. I also saw pics of the sunset at IIT (in Ankur's flickr) and was blown over. I need to visit IIT sometime.

Ronak Shah said...

To be honest, your blog is very simple yet so sober sweet and melodious. It has own rythm its own hymm.. beautiful pictures.. beautiful language.. powerful speech and a remarkable atmosphere I must say.

In two words, "It's lovely"

You have left no words for making this blog a huge success for drawing people to read through your posts.

Your blog is romantic in its most ascetic sense. I am happy to experience your blogging essence. superb!

At first, it didn't look like a blogspot blog at all, I thought its on wordpress. Great going buddy! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

--> Ronak: Thanks!

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