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Though I have been taking pics for a while now but never really put them on this blog. Recently I have started to put them on my Flickr photostream and got response from my friends that, I should put them on my blog as well. As someone smart said, "always listen to your friends" so I am going to listen to my friends. Though I will post most of my pics on Flickr but once a month I will post some pics on this blog. Here are some pics:

Mozilla I love it
Those of you who have seen me in last few weeks would recognize this :) I have been openly sporting my love for Mozilla for last one month or so.

there I saw it lying
This is one of those pics where I was thinking of capturing something abstract yet beautiful and I got lucky in this shot :)

... and then there was light!!!
Dimaag ki batti jala de

The content of my pics is fairly simple just like my blog. Do let me know what you think about the pics and should Tarun's blog have more pics? I will appreciate your views and ideas.

Tarun Chandel
Photos, Beauty and Expression
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Nishit Shah said...

Tarun's blog should have more pics :) or better still, Tarun should have a foto blog where he can express himself ;)

Nishit Shah said...

BTW how did u get that Mozilla wrist band. Thats super cool.Spare one for me in case you have an extra

IdeaSmith said...

Did you see my comment on Flickr? You certainly should post some of these on your blog - it'll get them wider viewership. Also consider weaving them into posts by building stories around them or using them to illustrate what you've written.

krity deb said...

Nice photos .. i think u should put more of such pics on your blog..

Bhavya said...

Images speak out those things which can never be expressed in words.

They are eye catchers and remain always new and fresh.

Will be looking forward for more lovely photos in your future post.

Ranjan said...

well the pics are good.. you can use them very well in context

Tarun Chandel said...

--> Nishit: Photo blog sounds good but for now I am going to stick with this blog and have most of the photos on Flickr. Mozilla wrist band, I got that from Rohit and I guess he got it at GNUNIFY. There isn't an extra one sorry :(

--> Ideasmithy: Yes I read your comment on Flickr. Thanks for the idea, what an idea girl :)

--> Krity: Thanks!

--> Bhavya: Thanks, I will be posting more pics, both here and on Flickr.

--> Ranjan: Thanks!

Raj said...

Really good pics Tarun. I never knew you had this talent as well :) I visited your flickr page and I am surprised to see such good photography.


Vrinda said...

Beautiful pics and a very impressive collection on flickr.

Tarun Chandel said...

-->Raj: Photogrphy is something that I have picked up recently and still working on it.

-->Vrinda: Thanks for the appreciation.

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