Pune Thoughts...

Pune has always been special. Staying outside Pune has made realize this even more. Last weekend I was in Pune and somehow, this trip was a lot different than my previous visits. This trip got me thinking about Pune a lot more than ever before.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
May be someday I will be there...

On my way to Pune:

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
The clouds are descending to meet the mountains, makes me feel as if the sky is within reach. Just want to run to the top of that hill and feel the clouds on my face. I have already done that 8 times if I do it again I will be on cloud number nine.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
A view of the expressway through my window . The rains add the distortion but it still is beautiful.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
Rain drops keep falling on my window. Though I can hardly see anything outside as the dark clouds have covered the whole area, but there is enough going on my window glass.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
Cloud covered hills, beautiful green valley aren't these people staying in an absolutely heavenly place?

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
I sat on the road, I jumped on the road, I kicked the road and at last I got tired and asked the road; how can I reach my destination? The road smiled and said, just walk with me I will take you there.

Pune Beautiful Pune

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
I was sitting at one of the nicest spot in Pune, it had a beautiful panoramic view of the Pune City. The usual sweet drizzle of Pune was on. The beauty of Pune rain is that, it rarely pours and it rarely stops. The rain keeps floating in the air and that makes the whole amazingly beautiful.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
Staring at the distant clouds I thought, may be they also love Pune. That's why once they come here they want to stay for the maximum time, so instead of pouring all the water they spend time hovering over the city and then just become part of the air.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
Sitting there I thought, I am like those cloud. Visiting for a short time but just don't want to leave and trying to soak as much as possible in the short time. There, I had the difference between me and clouds. While I was trying to soak as much of Pune as possible, the clouds were giving to Pune as much as possible and in process they become part of Pune. I think, I should be like those clouds...

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
What the hell I was just thinking?? May be because, I was sitting there for along time. Then I decided to move from that corner to the opposite corner ...

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
The green Pune, may it stays the same forever! Isn't that a lovely sky over a beautiful city?

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
Pune city is on an expansion plan... I am sure soon the hills will disappear. Can you spot the massive construction just on the right of the hill?

Pune has changed:

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
A lot of new malls have opened in Pune and many more are under construction. The city has geared up to the challenges of more people coming in, with lot more houses, wider roads and sleek flyovers.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
I got to visit the MG road at night and I was pleasantly surprised to see people enjoying the walking plaza. I remeber my last visit to MG road was on the first day of the walking plaza. Authorities had announced that no vehicles will be allowed on MG Road and all the shops went on a strike. That day only a handful of people were on that road. This time I got a feeling that whole of Pune was there.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
Change takes time, thought that comes to mind after being on the walking plaza. The shopkeepers who were against the idea now actually wait for the walking plaza, as the sales are all time high. It is one of the most effective ways to save them from the malls that are surely eating a huge chunk of their customers. It took them time to understand this and now they have embraced this change.

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
There were road shows, cultural shows and children enjoying the evening out. Isn't that how one should spend a nice weekend evening? I had dinner with Rohit, Jamaal Raazi and his wife Sana Raazi (they make a lovely couple and I think the most techie couple I have ever met).

CYG 2008 (Commonwealth Youth Games 2008)

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
I got to visit the office of CYG2008, thanks to Rohit who is Director of technology there. They have a very vibrant office and it's buzzing with people all the time. It was a great feeling to see these people working so hard, to make the games possible. Jamal, Sana and Rohit are in the same team there and they work on Saturday as well as on Sunday. They later told me that it has been a while since they got a weekend off and the in coming days things are bound to get even more hectic. I never knew that so much goes behind pulling the games together.

Meeting Symbi buddies

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
It is always a pleasure to catch up with my classmates from SCIT. Got a chance t0 catch up with Varun Joshi, Saurabh Lokhande and Sudhanshu Sohoni (non symbi friend). They forced me to write about them on my blog, guys I have done this. So now can I move on to the next thing??? (Just kidding, it was really fun to catch up with you and remembering the good old days of Symbiosis life.) We had a very nice lunch at All Stir Fry, special thanks to Saurabh for that. I think I should also thank Mythili, Varun's wife, for letting Varun meet us... I think I should stop now else Varun may get in some trouble.

Pune Dream

Tarun Chandel Pune Trip Pics
That's what Pune is - some natural beauty, some modernization, some growth, some friends, some culture and a lots of memories. May be someday I would come back to Pune and not on just another visit. I was reading the brochure of the IT BT Conference that is going to take place next week and it had a line, Pune has faced a reverse brain drain. Got me thinking... may be someday I will be there...

Tarun Chandel
Pune and I
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Rohit Srivastwa said...

Are you talking about Pune?!!
Your words make me feel even more better about this city now :)

I really love this city, geeky yet homely.

Varun said...

Thanks for writing about us [:)]
it was indeed a wonderfull lunch for some of the obvious reason (you know ;))and also because of the fact that when ever i meet you and discuss about blogging, i wlways feel like sitting right now and start writing. well i have some NOT_SO_FUNNY plans about writing. Wish me luch


Sam said...

well.. pune as a city sure does grow on you... still remember the first day here.. it was cloudy and windy much different from the weather i ahd been facing in mumbai for sometime... and having studied in sikkim, i really wanted to move to a city which had a cool climate as well as sound feel of being nestled amidst nature....
pune gave me all that and more!!!
it really is a beautiful city!!!

krity said...

The pics on the highway are really good.. and the city "Pune " couldn't have been described better than this.. makes me feel good about the city..

IdeaSmith said...

Can I please, please take some credit for bugging you to write posts around your photographs? :-D

Great post!

Ranjan said...

awsome pics dude!
Pune is definitely special... good to know that you connected with symbi freinds.

NikhilS said...

Yup, you make Pune look beautiful! But, there is always a BUT! Having shifted to Pune about 7 years ago, I can still compare and experience the degradation in the traffic, the infrastructure bursting at it seams, the spaces becoming more confined with every passing year. Will it still be beautiful over the coming years, if you compare it with places like Mumbai, Bangalore. A DEFINITE BIG YES :)

Blue Bike said...

Nice snaps Tarun...
Last year when I went home, I drove Bombay-Pune on my bike, it was so much fun... in terms of beauty NH-4 still rocks :)
And the city itself is so awesome, I'd like to be there again.
Btw during the first rains of the season, you should bike all the way up at Sinhagad and watch Khadakvasla lake, and the surrounding landscape ... its so awesome...

Deep said...

Great photos.. I also loved pune, I found it lot more greener and wider compared to Bombay.. though I have been to pune only couple of times but I loved it every time I visited.. specially the area near Osho's garden..

Manjari Rai said...

Hey, something tells me you would be in Pune for Good real soon [:)]

Tarun Chandel said...

I was away for a while (was traveling most of the time with no access to internet).

--> Rohit: Great to hear that :)

--> Varun: It is always a different feeling to catch up with Symbi friends. Good to hear that I was able to push bit more towards active blogging. I have just one advice "start it now" it will take shape with time. My wishes are always with you buddy.

--> Sam: Sure, Pune is really beautful. I am sure everyone remembers their first visit to this city.

--> Krity: Thanks!

--> Ideasmithy: You can take all the credit (take some blame as well if available :))

Tarun Chandel said...

--> Ranjan: connected??? dude you are getting all geeked up :)

--> Nikhil: Pune was a town and I see it has handled the sudden attention of IT industry really well. Be it infrastructure or keeping the cultural diversity. I am sure you would agree to that.

--> blue bike: Mumbai - Pune road a beauty, be it Express or the other highway. BTW, I am sure going to try to go to the Sinhagad fort for the viw that you mentioned.

--> Deep: Ya Koregaon Park area is really awesome. When are you planning to visit next?

--> Manjari: You know what, even I think the same. As if getting some call and I am deliberately putting it off for a little longer.

jassi said...

hey symbi has gone to mulshi. new location thought u would be interested

Varsha said...


vims said...

hey.. loved ur post, umm too completely in love wid dis city.. love u PUNE....

Sam said...

Hi Tarun,
Beautiful post. We are also trying to promote Pune and its rich culture and heritage. Request you to visit our site and help us to spread the word.

tony said...

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Weekend getaways from Pune said...

Hey, thanks for sharing a bit of your brilliant photography. Keep it up. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I love this city very much and i don't know really; i like the monsoon rain and the december chillness.. missing them...

hope i will come back one day..

Mansee Saluja said...

Things to die for- Cad B, Anna ki maggi, OSM's cold coffee. :)
also, standing in que for hours outside Vaishali's just to have a plate of idli sambhar.. :/
Shit! I wish I could get those days back. :'(

Aditi Malhotra said...
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