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Isn't that an awesome video? For the real music lovers, that is worth more than the original song. Jamming helps is creating something unique and different that has a touch of all the participants yet it has it's own individuality. Like in the video Strings singers are singing their hit single Duur with Hariharan, all of them are adding their bits to the song but the experience they are creating for the listeners is something unique.

Think of it, if two bloggers get together to write something that has their touch, I am sure they will create something unique. I think it will be a great idea to do a jamming session with other bloggers. Blogjam is something very different and much more challenging than a guest post on somebody's blog. I am yet to try this but very keen to try out.

Let's try some blogjam!

Tarun Chandel
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Gaurav said...

Two or more people writing together == wiki.

And for God sake don't compare Music with Blogs.Music is an art form. Blogs are not even about creative writing or literature.

use wikis.

- Gaurav

Tarun Chandel said...

--> Gaurav: Wiki is a good tool and can be used for what I have in mind. The idea is to get couple of bloggers together and get them blogging on any topic of their choice. A good output will be a blog entry that has touch of their writing style in it and yet has it's own individuality (something like we saw in the video).

I am not comparing Music or form of arts, just using music as the example for the jamming concept.

(Needed to modify you comment as this blog is visited by kids as well)

Gaurav said...

Ok, let discuss this a bit more no that kids are taken care of. Sort of interesting.

Music has welll defined rules within which every kind of music is played. So musicians can jam which essentially means playing together without pre-defined arrangements. A certain Asha Bhonsle can jam with an american rock star because both of them are operating within same rules of music...

I wonder what are these rules in writing? Two people can colloborate on content like in a movie script but on style, how?? If you have a novel, a product of jamming between Agatha Chritie and lets say Shakespeare or more recent Salman Rushdie, what would it read like? All of them have(had) different styles.

Ankesh Kothari said...

1. You play 2 music instruments together. And it fits. Its still one tune.

2. You ask 2 people to speak together. And it doesn't fit. You won't understand even one of them.

So by BlogJam - if you mean "simultaneous" writing - it doesn't work. But if you mean a "collaboration" - then as Gaurav points out: we have wikis.

However - there have been experiments of writing jams on forums - where one guy writes 1 line. And the other guy follows with his own line. The rule being: no one can write 2 lines simultaneously. Those games are usually very funny.

Tarun Chandel said...

Not a funny game, not a parallel speaking assignment. The idea is not to make movie script either.

In very short it's like two bloggers (read people you will find it easy) coming together who have expertise (experience/knowledge) of two different areas and they get together and make a post. Another scenario can be two bloggers (again read people it will be easy) start thinking on a topic, they will never approach the topic in same way (that's where style of blogging comes in) so they again collaborate and make a single post but with their own unique touch.

Rest I will try (and experiment) after coming back online.


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