Ganesh Visarjan Utsav

I love the festival of Ganpati. The energy, the enthusiasm, the sheer number of people together at one place, the music, the thrill it is unparalleled to any other festival that, I have celebrated.

This is one of the most common music for Ganesh Festival. I love the beats of it.

Another very common music for Ganesh Festival. I love the energy of it (notice the number of people in orchestra).

Finally the Ganpati idol is immersed in the water. Photos of the Ganpati Visarjan Utsav are available here.

Tarun Chandel
Give peace and harmony a chance!
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Gaurav said...

Nice. But only one half of story. The other half starts the day after. You can see Gods lying on sea front, mutilated and humiliated.
Day after visarjan.
And then inspite of few noises about green idols, the fact is that nobody gives a damn. Our already dying water bodies are swapmed with pollutants in guise of noisy devotion.

Ajay said...

Lovely videos Tarun, especially the last one of Visarjan.

Rahul said...

Nice videos. I love the music as well.

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