You always have a choice

If you were cool breeze would you freeze the soul or would you relieve an explorer of the desert?
If you were moon would you hide behind the clouds or would you shine brightly so that others can dream?
if you were soil would you be ploughed by a farmer or would you be part of the battle ground?
If you were a kid would you cry your lungs out for the toy you saw in the shop passing by or would you smile at a dull stranger to give him a reason to believe in life?
If you were a candle would you burn bright on a festival or give a chance for a kid in village to read?
If you were a drop of water where would you rolling on the surface of a chilled bear can or on the lips of a thirsty girl?
if you were a traveler, would you like to get lost in unknown places to explore or would you like to follow the beaten path?
If you were in a Karaoke Bar would you sit and laugh or sing your guts out and laugh out loud at yourself?
If you were you, where would you be here or somewhere else?
You always have a choice!

Tarun Chandel
Choosing to Dream On!
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Bhavya said...

At times I feel it is easy to take a decision if we don’t have a choice.
Sometimes I wait for destiny's to help pick the choices for me.
And at times I keep waiting and then comes regret, and by then it's too late.
Choice is easy to make, we just need to step up and stand tall, announce your decision and never look back for revision.

Anonymous said...

I am here and I have a choice of commenting or not. You too have a choice of posting or not and I wish that you would opt for the first choice more often.

Anonymous said...

A software program has a choice in terms of "if and else" statements coded for it, the different paths it can traverse, and within those boundaries it can "think" that it has a choice and indeed it has those choices.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun, Its beautiful how you have expressed your thoughts.. Life is full of choices are we all are the result of the choices we have made and will make in our life.. May your choices lead you to the fullness of life that you were made for :-)

Unknown said...

Thats a lovely post, yes we always have a choice , glad to be here through Preeti shenoy post.

And your poem on holding hands is fantastic nicely writtern, I could easily relate to the feeling of new "US" when we are in love.

Unknown said...

--> Srivats: Thanks!

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