Your truth

How do you know that the path you have chosen is the correct one, asked the boy with nous of qualm in his voice. Monk kept quiet, he smiled and continued ploughing the field. He kept doing the same thing till the sun was on his head burning brightly. The boy was sitting in the hue of the lemon tree as if still expecting an answer. The monk finished his work and moved towards his hut, he was still smiling. The sunlight was reflecting from his shiny bald head. The boy started following him quietly. Are you happy? Asked the boy, this time as if to kill the time of commute. Monk replied with a positive nod of head. The boy said if your path is leading to happiness should I follow the same trail? Monk kept walking.

After reaching his hut monk shared his lunch with the boy. After the meal monk asked the boy, what is your truth? Boy had learnt from the monk that one should only answer after giving enough thought to the question. Boy had read about Gandhi in one of his school books and he thought Gandhi always talked about the truth. But what was his truth, may be answering this question was his truth. May be seeking the answers was his truth. And then it struck him and he shouted out. Seeking truth is my truth.

The monk was happy to hear that. He told the boy that there is more than one way to reach the truth. Let your truth be the guiding light to show you the correct path. Boy got up with a huge smile on his face may be because this was the first time he heard so many words from the monk. Boy summarized with a sense of enthusiasm, just like everyone’s truth is different than others their path to happiness are also different. It was monk’s turn to smile as he had helped the boy in getting answers from within; from his own Buddhi, from his own Citta.

Tarun Chandel
Still thinking...
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Shalabh said...

Beautiful thoughts Tarun!

Unknown said...

Thanks Shalabh!

Anonymous said...

lol, way to use "we all want to believe that what we do is very important, that people hang on to our every word, that they care what we think. But truth is, you should consider yourself lucky if, even occasionally, you get to make someone, anyone, feel a little better."
as a quote from Scrubs.

Dhiraj said...

actually remembered something i read somewhere...What is truth....there is my version...there is your verison..and then there is TRUTH !

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