Chewing Gum Thoughts

I always believed that I think... and as a matter of fact I do think a lot. But how many of these thoughts actually get to see the action that can make them a reality? Not many! I do chase some of my thoughts and make them a reality but not all. The thoughts come and go all the time. While I am in one of these thoughts journey I get high, but then gradually the thoughts starts to sink in and then fades away. Then comes another thought and the cycle continues. The longer I stick with a thought the weaker it gets. Reading through my blog archive I feel I started on so many thoughts but followed so few of them. The name of my blog “i think” is so true, yet so shallow!

Walking on the chewing gum strained pedestrian sideways of Brussels another thought came to my mind. Aren't my thoughts just like a chewing gum? A new thought is like a fresh gum. It tastes sweet to start with but then as I keep chewing the taste just fades away. Then I spit it out and pop a new one and the cycle continues. My blog is just like the Brussels pedestrian sideways, full of chewing gum spots. Full of those thoughts that felt sweet to start with and then just faded away but they have left a mark (no just a spot). I am just a chewing gum thinker; my thoughts are just chewing gum thoughts!

May be this thought is just another of those chewing gum thought!

Tarun Chandel
Chewing gum thinker
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callezee said...

Be sure but our thoughts not to stick..

Nadia said...

:D sometimes thoughts are even contradictory so not possible to make real all of them anywy! following your blog on indiblogger looking forward to some good stuff :)

Imran said...

felt like,it was me who wrote this. write it down when you are high on the that thought, may be as a note in mobile, and later on blog.

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